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Skilled programmer for both front-end and back-end solutions in software languages Javascript, Python, PHP

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Knowledgable of web-based solutions including phone apps and the content-management system Drupal

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Experienced with database design, maintenance and migrations using MySQL as well as Filemaker

About Me

Picture of Jonathan Veit

I am both a left- and right-minded worker for which I credit my formal education in philosophy. I am extremely analytical and have always enjoyed working on difficult programming problems. I deliver highly abstract designs, patterns and solutions without adding unneeded complexity. I program code to achieve attended effects but also to maintain simplicity and organization so such code is more easily comprehended and modified if needed. On the other hand, my liberal arts education has trained to achieve clarity in communication, consideration of the human experience in design and the ability to make aesthetic decisions. Always with the big picture of the production or service in consideration, I can work very well independently or lend my leadership or support when working in teams. My employers and clients have found working with me a pleasure.

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Recieved CIW Site Development Associate Certification
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Received A+ Certification
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Personal Portfolio

Web Applications

StudioTwist Database

I utilized Filemaker to create a company-wide database and interface for the work-flow process and record keeping of sales and manufacturing for this apparel design firm. Using the Instant Web Publishing features of Filemaker, sales team members were able to make requests, view shipping records, store contacts and access company colors and patterns from across the nation simply through their web browser. Try it out by logging in using username and password, 'guest'.

Screenshot of StudioTwist


To support another project, I constructed a simple web application using PHP and SQL to mimic the functionalities of the facebook wall. By entering a link address, the application can obtain a image and synopsis for listing and hold. The user can then edit this information and save it with database persistence. Try it out by using a username and password, 'guest'

Screenshoot of SimpleWall


As an excercise I created a note-taking application. I used bootstrap, PHP and a MySQL database. Multiple profiles and filter features included. I was designing for functionality first so did not have the chance to implement a more elegnat visual design however I implemented smooth off-canvas function for the profiles section. Try it out using username 'guest' and password 'infosguest123'

Screenshoot of Infos


As part of my co-op membership working hours I developed a new website for the non-profit, Working While Playing. I used the CMS drupal and regularly keep it updated with recent news and updates. I used a variety of drupal modules to achieve import effects such as listing the staff users and displaying a youtube video. Screen Shot

Elegantly displaying the beautiful work of this home-staging business was key for this website. I built the website under the Bootstrap Framework which enabled mobile responsiveness as well as off-canvas navigation. I also included jQuery plugins to the slider on the homepage as well as galleries of the work.

Screenshot of

Utilizing for rapid development, I developed this website using a pre-established template. To customize, I created a logo, unique slider images and custom written content for the pages. This page also utilizes my php project SimpleWall (see above) to provide news updates.

API Resources Screen Shot


Software Engineer

April 2015 - June 2017

Centrally responsible for the releases of the company's primary software application, the StratIS management app, which allows tablet and browser management of StratIS' "Internet of Things" platform. Developer and maintainer of both cloud server software in Django/Python and the front-end web/tablet/mobile applications in React/Redux/Javascript. Designed and developed database and API layers for internet of things platform including distributed processes using Celery. Worked in collaboration with five to eight other developers using Git and Gerrit code review software. Participated in and occasionally managed one to two week development sprints using Atlassian Jira. Led and was responsible for a major data migration effort from previous property management software Nexia and Schlage Express which included the transfer of nearly a 100,000 residential and other units in addition to key, user and assignment information.

Web Developer

December 2014 - April 2015

Provided implementations and maintenance for both in-house projects and the websites of various clients for this web development and technical support company. Worked with HTML/CSS/JavaScript as well as PHP or languages. Wrote code regarded commercial transactions using

Web Developer and Consultant

November 2012 - Present

Contract developer and consultant for businesses and non-profits for web development projects. Interviewed clients to determine needs, inform them of considerations and discuss options. Designed and implemented new websites on a variety of platforms including Drupal, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and platforms such as Wix. Reviewed and managed content and provided training on how to do so independently. Found appropriate hosting solutions and training on how to interface.

Database Architect, Administrator, Consultant

Feburary 2012 - June 2016

Constructed and administered to determine workflow process and database requirements. Resolved IT technical problems with e-mail, Internet, cell phones, file sharing, hosting services. Provide staff database training for a staff of 10+ as well as technical support by phone, e-mail and through desktop sharing software, Teamviewer.


B.A., Villanova University, Villanova, PA
Double Major in Philosophy and Honors

Graduated May 2007: Magna Cum Laude
Cumulative GPA: 3.81


Picture of Shantih Brando

Shantih Brando, Owner of InsideOut Home Solutions

"Working with Jonathan Veit has been such a pleasure! He has completely transformed my company's website with great ideas, skillful presentation and really great attention to detail. Jon is extremely responsive, which is great since I e-mail him at all hours of the day and night. And I appreciate his collaborative nature; he often emails me with ideas for changes to the site! I couldn't ask for a better web designer to enhance my business profile."
Picture of Sue Wolfe

Sue Wolfe, Business Owner and Founder of non-profit feral cat program, Cat Crew

"Jon took over the management of our non-profit animal rescue website and transformed it into an easy-to-navigate, professional design. He made the changes I asked for, clearing the clutter and making the website a pleasure to browse. I was impressed by his creativity and fast response, which continue as we change and update data on a regular basis. He has remained our website manager thanks to his talent and technical knowledge."
Picture of Michelle Wildenhaus

Michelle Wildenhaus, Owner and Sales Manager of Studio Twist

"JV has built a system for administration of our custom sample order entry system, shipping, and yarn inventory. Due to the custom nature of our business at Studio Twist, this has been an invaluable tool in our growing business. JV has also trained our sales force on the system, and has been readily available for trouble shooting and additional training as needed. We would definitely recommend his services."


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